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Orange County Convention Center
9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819-8706



Meeting Officially Begins on Friday, May 16


AUA Annual Meeting Sponsorship Policy

  1. The AUA Annual Meeting is the cornerstone of professional education for urologists and allied health-care professionals. The AUA manages the level of promotional efforts to maintain a reasonable balance between industry exposure and scientific integrity.
  2. AUA offers to certain companies the opportunity to sponsor activities, such as promotional talks or hands-on demonstrations, or to take advantage of advertising and promotional display venues or products directed to Annual Meeting attendees (known hereafter as "Sponsorships.")
  3. No contract for Sponsorships is accepted until approved by AUA. AUA reserves the right to reject any application for Sponsorships or promotional activities or products for any reason.
  4. AUA Annual Meeting indemnity provisions, as stated in the Annual Meeting Contract to Exhibit, apply to AUA Sponsorships.
  5. Any Annual Meeting Sponsor must abide by all Annual Meeting Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, including the AUA "Speaker-Faculty Standard Operating Procedures." Skills Enhancement Workshop sponsors must abide by the AUA Rules and Regulations regarding booth activities. (To view the complete Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, visit
  6. In order to secure a Sponsorship, a company must contract an exhibit booth in the Science & Technology Hall.
  7. Exhibitors who violate any portion of this policy risk consequences that include, but are not limited to, being barred from exhibit and sponsorship opportunities at future Annual Meetings.
  8. Annual Meeting Sponsors must agree to the Annual Meeting Advertising Guidelines, as follows:

Annual Meeting Advertising Guidelines:

  • AUA manages all advertising opportunities within the Annual Meeting Convention Center. No requests for advertising within the Convention Center should be made directly to the convention facility.
  • AUA requires that all exhibitors contact the AUA before contracting any promotional opportunities outside of the Convention Center to ensure the meeting maintains its high level of professionalism.
  • AUA will not allow promotional opportunities within a 2 mile radius of the convention center nor any multi-media promotional opportunities.
  • AUA will offer some opportunities outside the convention center that will be available to exhibitors on a first-come, first-served basis. As each annual meeting host city offers unique promotional opportunities, exhibitors are encouraged to contact the AUA to consider adding new sponsorship and promotional opportunities to its menu of offerings.
  • By contract, AUA will manage all sponsorship and support opportunities within the Annual Meeting convention hotel properties. No requests for such opportunities within the hotels should be made directly to the hotels.
  • AUA coordinates access to hotel dark television channels and will offer them as a sponsorship during the annual meeting, giving preference to any AUA-produced videos.
  • Hotel promotions in the format of signage, door drops and gobo lights is prohibited. The AUA Doctors' Bag is the approved vehicle for distributing literature and promotional items to attendees at their hotel.